About Destination Ballybunion

Through its people, pictures, heritage, music and culture this is truly Destination Ballybunion.

Welcome to Ballybunion.

The beautiful seaside town of Ballybunion has for decades welcomed visitors from all over the world, its two golden sandy beaches afford the visitor time to swim, surf and relax, and for those of a sporting nature two championship golf courses are located in the resort. The natural formations such as sea stacks and sea arches adorn the coast as wild porpus and dolphin swim in the unpolluted waters off the Ballybunion coastline.

The rocks in the area are of great interest to Mineralogists and Geologists, and the cliffs are alive with sea birds, a bird watchers dream, the town of Ballybunion has what any visitor wants variety in modern times the hallmark of quality. Ballybunion boasts of many Restaurants & Culinary Chiefs noted World Wide for their fine cuisine which stands testament to the reputation of Ballybunion.


Ballybunion is home to world class golf, surfing, views.

It is truly a part of paradise right on your doorstep.

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This is Ballybunion... A small town with a big history

Looking back through the pages of time Ballybunion has had a golden era of history from its shore-dweller arrivals along its coastline through the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Early Christian and Medieval Periods. The Great Famine and the lost generation, its maritime history and the quest to develop one of the country's finest seaside towns. Destination Ballybunion welcomes you our guest on journey through the pages of our rich heritage and culture, highlighting aspects of its long forgotten history which shaped the present seaside town of Ballybunion. Through its people, pictures, heritage, music and culture this is truly Destination Ballybunion.

Surfing in Ballybunion is a well known sport, a surfing academy is located along the water front this is run by professional staff and attended by many each year. Destination Ballybunion boasts of world class indoor facilities a modern swimming pool and heath fitness centre ideal for swimming coaching on an Olympic standard, a five hundred and fifty seat International Tintean Theatre which has hosted acts from all around the globe.